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Your guide to growing your wealth – while supporting sustainable companies. 

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Benefits of Using Owl Investor
Put purpose into your portfolio
Select from a full range of investment choices based on the values or beliefs you want to uphold
Know the social impact of your investments
Receive expert and objective information on the progress and impact of corporate social initiatives
Amplify your support for sustainable businesses 
Share perspectives on ESG investments to build momentum around sustainable businesses
What is ESG Investing?

Environmental Social Governance

Seeking out investments that align with your values? Despite the increased demand for sustainable investments, designing an optimal investing strategy, one that aligns with your personal values and optimizes investment returns, remains challenging.


Before you take matters into your own hands and start assembling your own sustainable portfolio, it is important to differentiate between initiatives that address material ESG risks in the business, which can lead to better financial performance over time, versus ESG strategies that are generic. 

 We do the research for you, so you can invest with confidence! 

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ESG investing is already driving positive social change, why do you need a technology platform to optimize sustainable impact?

Today the abundance of data  on environment. social, and governance factors (ESG) is driving the adoption of ESG strategies in wealth management. But despite its popularity. it isn't clear that ESG investing has led to the adoption of sustainable business practices at most companies. Even at companies that have set up an office of sustainability, the expected impact of their corporate sustainability initiatives is not always obvious.

So how can ESG investing make the jump from managing risks in a portfolio to driving adoption of sustainable business practices? You start with information transparency.

Owl Investor delivers expert and objective information about the impact of corporate sustainability initiatives so you can be confident that your investing decisions are aligned with your personal and financial objectives.

Owl Investor is also a social platform where you can share your views on sustainable investments and priorities to build momentum around sustainable businesses.

With Owl Investor, you can make an impact for good!


is to help make sustainable investing accessible and impactful for all!


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