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Invest in ESG blue-chip companies that share your values. From December 2014 to June 2021, ESG stocks produced annual returns of 17.8%. We can help you measure your impact in real-time.


Cumulative Return of $10,000

ESG Stocks vs. S&P 500

ESG stocks* annual appreciation


S&P 500 annual appreciation

*This data and information are based on data from the Center for Research in Security Prices, LLC (CRSP),  an affiliate of The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, ©2021. Large Cap ESG Stocks refer to stocks in companies with an ESG performance above their industry peers as determined under the CRSP ISS ESG framework. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. See Important disclosures

Sustainable Energy
Upgrade your investment and your purpose
Invest in blue-chip companies using ESG factors
Put purpose in your portfolio
Select from a full range of investment choices based on the values or beliefs you want to uphold
Know the social impact of your investments 
Receive expert and objective information and measure the social impact of your investments in real-time
Amplify your support for sustainable businesses
Share perspectives on ESG investments to build momentum around sustainable businesses


What is ESG investing?
ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance, and it is a form of impact investing. Impact investing has been on the rise for years and is now more popular than ever. One way it's being done is by considering a company’s ESG metrics alongside their financial performance, which paints an even clearer picture as to how they may be affecting our environment, community, and economy. 
What are the benefits of ESG investing?
ESG investing is a process that helps to optimize investment return. When conducted alongside financial analysis, ESG integration can contribute to a stock's absolute and relative performance! Thanks to these companies' ability (and willingness) to innovate while maintaining high operational efficiency--which means they're well prepared to withstand economic fluctuations and other crises. 
How does ESG investing work at Owl Investor?
Many investors have a hard time finding investment options that align with their values. But we at Owl Investor zoom in on ESG “blue chip” companies and funds that are well-positioned for long-term growth, our proprietary technology makes it simple to invest performance-wise as well as purposefully.
How do I start ESG investing with Owl Investor?
You can start ESG investing with confidence with our proprietary methodology. It's easy, quick and by focusing on ESG blue-chip stocks and funds, you can make high-quality investments to support what matters most to YOU! Owl investor is dedicated to helping you find investments based on your values or goals - sign up for early access and join a community that is putting ESG on par with financial performance!
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