Raise your voice for change

As a shareholder, you have the power to change corporations for good. You can vote your shares at shareholder meetings to hold companies and leadership teams accountable while focusing on environmental, social, and governance issues that create value. 

This kind of advocacy lets you have a more direct impact on the things that matter to you most as a shareholder. You can be at the forefront of a movement to change the way corporations are run for the better.

Examples of shareholder campaigns

We help shareholders push companies to be more environmentally friendly and equitable using shareholder resolutions. Here are some examples of what shareholders asked for in 2022:

NextEra Energy.jpg

Diversity and Gender Equality

REQUEST: That NextEra Energy, Inc. should report to shareholders on the outcomes of the company's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by publishing quantitative data on workforce composition and recruitment, retention, and promotion rates of employees by gender, race, and ethnicity. The reporting should be done at reasonable expense and exclude proprietary information.

OUTCOME: The resolution was withdrawn and an agreement was reached.


Climate Change

REQUEST: That the Board of Directors should provide an audited report that looks at how the application of the assumptions of the IEA's Net-Zero by 2050 pathway would affect the company's financial statements. This includes long-term commodity and carbon prices, remaining asset lives, existing and future asset retirement obligations, capital expenditures, and asset valuations (impairments).

OUTCOME: The preliminary vote is in. Looks like 39% of shareholders are in favor.


Consumer Packaging

REQUEST: That the Board of Directors should issue a report describing the potential to reduce dependence on single use plastic packaging. The report should establish uniform companywide metrics for the company's public reporting on refillables use. The Board should also evaluate opportunities for setting aggressive refillables goals and deadlines.

OUTCOME: Request was sent to the Company.


Sexual and MPI Reproductive Health

REQUEST: Lilly should publish an annual report that analyzes how well the company's political, lobbying, and electioneering expenditures match up to the company's values and policies. The report should identify any instances where these expenses don't match up and explain why this happened. The report should also say whether or not the company plans to change its future expenditures or contributions as a result of this analysis.

OUTCOME: Request was withdrawn.


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