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A 10-point plan to cut oil use from the International Energy Agency

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The International Energy Agency just released its 10-point plan to cut global oil demand by 2.7 million barrels a day over the next 4 months. This reduction is potentially enough to ease the transition to a new normal without Russian oil exports!

This plan can be adopted by local governments, state agencies or even private companies! There are even steps that you can take at home to reduce your carbon footprint while feeling solidarity with the people of Ukraine. What a great way to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and reduce your carbon footprint!

Here are the 10 ideas:

1. Reduce highway speed limits by at least 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) per hour

Impact: Around 290 thousand barrels a day (kb/d) of oil use can be saved in the short term through a speed limit reduction of just 10 km/h on motorways for cars. A further 140 kb/d (predominantly diesel) can be saved if heavy trucks reduce their speed by 10 km/h.

2. Work from home for up to three days a week

Impact: One day of working from home can avoid around 170 kb/d of oil use. Three days of working from home avoid around 500 kb/d in the short term.

3. Car-free Sundays

Impact: Avoids around 380 kb/d of oil use in the short term if implemented in large cities every Sunday. If only one Sunday per month, the amount drops to 95 kb/d.

4. Cheaper public transit, and more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly streets

Impact: Short-term measures where feasible and culturally acceptable can avoid around 330 kb/d of oil use.

5. Alternate who can drive on city streets, encouraging carpooling

Impact: A reduction of around 210 kb/d of oil in the short term if alternate car access is applied on two days per week in large cities with good public transport options.

6. Encourage car-sharing

Impact: An increase of around 50% in the average car occupancy across advanced economies in 1-in-10 trips and adopting best-practices to decrease car fuel use can save around 470 kb/d of oil in the short term.

7. Promote more efficient freight delivery

Impact: These measures can avoid around 320 kb/d of oil use in the short term.

8. High-speed trains over airplanes

Impact: Avoids around 40 kb/d oil use in the short term.

9. Avoid business travel when possible

Impact: Avoids 260 kb/d of oil use in the short term.

10. Smooth the rollout of electric vehicles, including by improving supply chains

Impact: Avoids more than 100 kb/d of oil use in the short term, building on expected sales of electric and more fuel-efficient cars over the next four months. Sustained action on supply chains and policy support can help secure further savings.

For details on IEA's plan see A 10-point Plan to Cut Oil Use

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