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Nuclear power, another kind of renewable energy

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

In the wake of high-priced fuels, nuclear power is gaining support as an environmentally friendly and efficient way to generate electricity. Today more than 10% of energy globally comes from currently operating plants that rely on nuclear fission - a chain reaction where uranium atoms are split to create extraordinary amounts of energy, Unfortunately, the process creates a high level of radioactive waste!

Nuclear fusion, a different type of nuclear reaction than fission, can produce equal amounts of energy without radioactive waste. A UK startup First Light Fusion may have achieved fusion energy by shooting an incredibly powerful bullet at a fuel target for four miles per second and releasing all its energy in one go!

First Light used a hypervelocity gun to fire an advanced spherical shell at over 6 kilometers per second into its fuel target. The company claims that using this technique, each fuel target can generate enough energy to power an average home in Great Britain for two years!

This achievement has also been confirmed by UK Atomic Energy Authority regulators.

For more details see the news release.

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