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UN biodiversity summit ends with little progress

The world is rapidly depleting forests and other natural ecosystems. With many people depending on nature's services, from oceans to wildernesses, for their survival, if we don't protect these vital assets they may fail us. Plants absorb planet heating carbon dioxide while growing which means better protected or expanded natural areas will be one of the cheapest ways forward for long-term sustainable development.

What is the UN Convention on Biological Diversity?

The United Nations Convention on Biodiversity was signed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and later ratified by about 195 countries, not including America. It is a treaty designed to protect biodiversity worldwide and to ensure that natural resources are used sustainably so they don't go extinct or get depleted too quickly while still being accessible for future generations.

What does COP15 aim to do?

The latest round of negotiations to finalize a global agreement to protect nature, also known as COP15, ended last week with little progress. The UN's new biodiversity framework is a mess of bracketed texts with multiple options for paragraphs that need to be settled on at some point. This means another round of talks will need to be held in Nairobi before the convention meets in Kunming later this year to finalize the treaty.

One major win at COP15 last week was including a 2030 biodiversity target. The agreement still faces hurdles such as disagreements on where funds needed to address persistent losses in the animal and plant kingdom, estimated at $100-150 billion each year, will come from and how they'll measure success when achieving goals.

What needs to come out of COP15?

The world needs to come together at COP 15 to set smart and measurable environmental targets. We need clear targets, funding that can be used in biodiversity-rich countries as they strive towards these important environmental standards--and ways of comparing efforts by different nations around the globe so we know which ones are making progress on this issue!

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